Locals light up down under. Crown Towers

A monumental piece of South African engineered art was unveiled December 2016 at the Crown Towers hotel, Australia. The 7-metre high ceilings now hold the largest lights created by award-winning lighting design company Willowlamp.



This bespoke series of four chandeliers weighs 3 tonnes a piece! Each cluster of the design incorporates approximately 20 000 m of ball chain and 150 LED G9 lamps. But thanks to ingenious solutions by Willowlamp’s Creative Director and Founder, Adam Hoets, this weighty design won’t bring down the house. Hoets defies gravity by breaking each chandelier cluster into modules and by placing hidden, dropped tiers inside each cluster. This reduces the overall weight of the chandeliers.


The Crown Towers Hotel chandeliers are not only a technical triumph. Inspired by sacred geometric patterns and soft Eastern elements, this design is a beauty to behold.

Images supplied by Lauren Shantall Integrated Communications 


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