Where luxury and serenity collide. Schoone Oordt


Schoone Oordt is a modern space rich in stories. As far as luxury accommodation goes, it ticked all of our indulgence boxes: delicious breakfast buffets, complimentary high tea treats at the pool, plush furnishings and a free-standing bath to soak our troubles away. Truth is, we were in need of some healing. Life had dealt us an unexpected blow. Weary and worn out, we happily hid from the real world in the cool of Schoone Oordt’s beautifully restored conservatory.


It was the unexpected authenticity of this country hotel that was like ointment for our hearts. I looked forward to my morning cuddle with Shadow, the gorgeous husky, on what is clearly his leather couch. The staff were wonderful, knowing when to engage enthusiastically or disappear courteously. We handed the burden of decision-making over and the recommended itinerary gently guided us along Swellendam’s must-see/taste/do route.



As we strolled through the quiet streets one sultry evening, I thought about the passion poured into the restoration of the old manor house. It reminded me that crumbling bricks can give rise to beautiful structures, if given enough time and love.

So when it was time to leave Schoone Oordt, we were ready for our  journey ahead.





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