Inside out Sophistication. Kloof Road House

In Kloof Road, Johannesburg, at the foot of a nature reserve, there is an extraordinary architectural piece that will make you stop and stare. Werner Van Der Meulen of Nico Van Der Meulen Architects created an award-winning family home that maximizes the breathtaking views and allows for year-round entertaining. 

The bold use of space and glass draws the eye upward and outward. Four garages guide you to the double volume window and glass front door. A striking steel staircase set against polished concrete floors leads to the spacious indoors, consisting of a living room, dining room, open-plan kitchen and four en suite bedrooms. Every room opens to the garden, inviting the outdoors inside and vice versa. Frameless folding glass doors let natural light stream in and create the feeling of unlimited space.

Upstairs the main bedroom incorporates an expansive balcony, open plan bathroom, lounge, mini kitchenette and a dressing room (enough space for all the Rockettes). The garden is tastefully landscaped around the swimming pool, koi pond, a sleek fire pit and an outdoor bar. 

A truly remarkable structure! 


All images are property of and were provided by Nico Van Der Meulen Architects


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